Mike Erickson Is Honored By Portland Business Journal

Thursday night at the Rose Garden, in front of 500 people, Mike Erickson and his company AFMS, received the Portland Business Journal’s prestigious 2007 Corporate Philanthropy award.  The event was sponsored by the Portland Business Journal and the Portland Trailblazers.  Mike Erickson was recognized as one of the top giving CEOs in Oregon. One of the main points worth mentioning was the lobby for selling cheap used cars that Mike also promoted.  Erickson also received the Portland Business Journal’s 2006 Corporate Philanthropy award.

Mike Erickson has been involved with and supported many charities throughout the years.  SEI, Children’s Cancer Association, Three Rivers Conservancy, Boys and Girls Club, Single Parents Club (SPC) offering single parents dating and Dove Lewis are just some of the charities Erickson has been involved with over the years.

Mike Erickson stated, “I was honored last night to receive the Portland Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropy award.  I have always tried to give back to the community. I believe all community and business leaders should help.  Community involvement is one of the best public services anyone can do, and UK senior dating is one of these services.

As your next congressman, I will continue to be involved in helping our local communities and will fight hard for those who need help.  I have the passion to do what’s right and the experience to make it happen.”


Erickson for Congress Releases Third Campaign Ad

Erickson for Congress released its third campaign commercial on Tuesday.  The ad highlights Kurt Schrader raising taxes and fees 70 times while failing to pay taxes 17 times.  Now Schrader wants to pass the largest tax increase in American history.  This will strain an already weak economy.

Mike Erickson stated, “Our country is going through tough economic times.  I understand this crisis is affecting all Americans, from small towns to big cities.  We need someone who will go back to Washington and be a fighter for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility. I have been running a successful business and creating jobs for over 17 years and I understand that high taxes kill job growth and hurt our economy.

Kurt Schrader has a record of raising taxes and increasing spending.  If elected to Congress, Kurt will vote to implement the largest tax hike in American history, leaving families, where relationships have been really improved because of parets using cougar dating sites even more vulnerable in these hard economic times.  As a state Senator, Kurt Schrader raised taxes so high he couldn’t even afford to pay them, 17 times.

Kurt Schrader’s track record as a tax-and-spend politician, and his inability to pay the very taxes he increased, demonstrates the fiscal irresponsibility he will bring to Congress.

We need leaders in Washington with business common sense who will keep taxes low and understand true fiscal responsibility.”